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All DVDs include full teaches with demos at the end of each teach

Latest dances

This DVD includes

  1. Ready..Aim..BANG!
  2. Texas Connection
  3. Down To The Roots
  4. Boys
  5. Apple Juice
Latest dances DVD

The Classics Volume #1

This DVD includes

  1. Have Fun Go Mad
  2. Cha Cha Tonight
  3. No Regrets
  4. Drive Me Wild
  5. Cold Blooded
The Classics Volume #1

The Classics Volume #2

This DVD includes

  1. Break Free Cha
  2. Coochie Bang Bang
  3. Feel
  4. Right To Be Wrong
  5. Trouble Is
The Classics Volume #2

All DVDs are $30.00 (US) $36.00 (International)
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Scott Blevins
8905 Highland Street
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